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Rocket grants for 2010-11 announced!
Prop 8 On Trial is the recipient of a Rocket Grant, a brand new funding opportunity available to artists who live within an 80-mile radius of downtown Kansas City. Rocket grants are specifically intended to encourage work that is inventive and "under the radar" and that engages or benefits an audience somewhere other than in a museum or art gallery. The long-term goal of the program is to not only encourage emerging and non-traditional art practices in the Kansas City region, but also to contribute to a thriving artists' community.  Selections were therefore evaluated not only on the artistic merits of the proposed projects, but also on their capacity to stimulate further growth in a diverse and supportive art ecology.  

Click here for the complete list of selected artists and project summaries. Rocket Grants are supported by a $40,000 regional regranting award from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and are implemented by a partnership between the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, and the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence. The five-member panel responsible for selecting this year’s recipients from more than 80 applications was composed of national and local interdisciplinary artists and arts professionals, including Mel Ziegler, Adriane Herman, Hesse McGraw, So Yeon Park and Pat Alexander.  Read Kansas City Star article, “Rocket Grants Boost Local Artists…” by Alice Thorson, June 6, 2010.